Cruise details

Cruise 5: 6th – 13th July 2019

Destination: Salcombe, Dartmouth, Brixham

Saturday 6th July:  Salcombe (LW 15.32)
Sunday 7th July: Rest Day
Monday 8th July: Depart Salcombe for Dartmouth and Darthaven Marina
Tuesday 9th July: Depart Dartmouth for Brixham MDL Marina
Wednesday 10th July:  Rest Day / Day Sail Tor Bay
Thursday 11th July: Depart Brixham for Dartmouth
Friday 12th July: Depart Dartmouth for Salcombe
Saturday 13th July: Return to Plymouth

Tides: Saturday 6th July Salcombe
HW    09.23 hrs     H 5.3 m
LW     15:32 hrs     H 0.8 m  

Muster Point: Time 09:00 hrs Location 0.5n miles South of the Eastern End Plymouth Breakwater.

Alternative: No specific alternative is currently planned but the Cruise may be modified to take into account the weather forecast which may include leaving / returning earlier or later than planned.

Participation: Each Skipper wishing to participate in this Cruise are asked to contact the Coordinator by email confirming callsign and contact details No later than18:00 hrs 24 JUNE 2019. This early notification is to ensure that the correct amount of pontoon spaces reserved. Skippers intending to depart before the start / end date are asked to notify the Coordinator.

Decision Point: The Coordinator will confirm by email to those Skippers who have informed him of their intended participation by 18:00hrs on 04th July whether the Cruise will proceed, and this will include a list of Cruise participants and contact details.

Skippers’ Duties:  Each participating Skippers individually responsible for the safety of his / her vessel and crew at all times throughout the Cruise. Each Skipper participating Skipper is responsible for his/her safe pilotage ensuring he/she has a valid passage plan for the Cruise together with adequate safety equipment and valid boat insurance with third party Liability, furthermore each Skipper is responsible for his/her own decision to put to sea for any leg of a Cruise. The muster plan given above is only provided as a suggestion to those who wish to sail in company and wish to do so. Participation in the Cruise implies that each participant Skipper understands and undertakes to discharge these Duties.

Comms:  V H F DSC Channel 77 should be used for inter- boat calling, being the preferred working channel. VHF CH.77.

Social: Meet 6th July for drinks at Kings Arms at 19.00 hrs for pre -dinner drinks other Social events will be arranged over the period of the Cruise.

Coordinator:  Alan Eves [email protected]