Cruise details

Cruise 1: 20th – 22nd  April 2019

Destination: Fowey pontoon

Tides: Saturday 20th April (all times local)

HW 07:41 hrs H 5.1m

LW 13: 38 hrs H 0.0 m

Muster Point:   Time 10:30 hrs Location 0.5n miles South of the Draystone Buoy.

Alternative: No specific alternative is currently planned but the Cruise may be modified to take into account the weatherforecast which may include leaving / returning earlier or later than planned.

Participation: Each Skipper wishing to participate in this Cruise are asked to contact the Coordinator by email confirming callsign and contact details No later than18:00 hrs 11th April 2019. This early notification is toensure that the correct amount of pontoon spaces reserved. Skippers intending to depart before the start / end date are asked to notify the Coordinator.

Decision Point: The Coordinator will confirm by email, to those Skippers who have informed him of their intended participation By 18:00hrs on 18th April whether the Cruise will proceed, and this will include a list of Cruise participants and contact details.

Skippers’ Duties: Each participating Skippers individually responsible for the safety of his / her vessel and crew at all times throughout the Cruise. Each Skipper participating Skipper is responsible for his/her safe pilotage.ensuring he/she has a valid passage plan for the Cruise together with adequate  safety equipment and valid boat insurance with third party Liability. Furthermore each Skipper is responsible for his/her own decision to put to sea for any leg of a Cruise. The muster plan given above is only provided as a suggestion to those who wish to sail in company and wish to do so.Participation in the Cruise implies that each participant Skipper understands and undertakes to discharge these Duties.

Comms:  VHF DSC Channel 77 should be used for inter- boat calling, being the preferred working channel. VHF CH.77.

Social: Meet for drinks at Royal Fowey Yacht at 19.00 hrs.for pre -dinner drinks .other Social events will be arranged over the period of the Cruise.

Coordinator:   Alan Eves

Email: [email protected]

Mob: 07768 254 362