Cruise calendar

2022 Sailing season planned cruises

1) Fowey: Saturday 16th to Monday 18th April
2) Fowey:  Saturday 30th April to Monday 2nd May
3) Yealm Weekend: Saturday 14th to Monday 16th May
4) Salcombe: Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd May
5) Salcombe: Saturday 4th to Monday 6th June
6) Western Cruise Fowey, Falmouth and The Fal Estuary: Saturday 18th to Saturday 25th June
7) Salcombe/Dartmouth Rally: Saturday 9th to Tuesday 12th July
8) Tamar Weekend: Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th July
9) Fowey: Saturday 27th to Monday 29th August
10) Eastern Cruise: Saturday 10th to Thursday 15th September

Participation: Each skipper wishing to participate is asked to contact the Coordinator, early notification will help with booking correct amount of pontoon space.

Decision for cruise going ahead: The Coordinator will contact skippers intending to join Cruise on the Thursday evening prior to departure.

Skippers’ duties: Each skipper at all times is responsible for the safety of the boat, crew and safe pilotage, has valid insurance and is responsible for his/her decision to put to sea for any leg of the Cruise.

2021 Sailing season planned cruises

1) Salcombe: Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd May (Cancelled due to poor weather)
2) Fowey: Saturday 29th to Monday 31st May
3) Salcombe: Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th June
4) Western Cruise: Saturday 12th to Sunday 19th June; Fowey and The Fal (no reserve berths booked)
5) Eastern Cruise: Date Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th July; Salcombe (reserve pontoon booked), Dartmouth and Brixham
6) Fowey, Helford The Fal Estuary: Saturday 4th to Saturday 11th September
7) Salcombe weekend: Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th September

2020 Sailing season planned cruises

1) Fowey: Saturday 11th to Monday 13th April
2) The River Yealm: Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th April
3) Fowey: Friday 8th to Monday 11th May
4) Salcombe: Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th May
5: Fowey, The Fal and Helford: Saturday 6th to Monday 15th June

Fowey FOGOF: Fowey and Brittanny: Thursday 18th to Monday 22nd June

6) Salcombe, Dartmouth and Brixham: Saturday 27th June to Sunday 5th July
7) Fowey: Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th July
8) Fowey Bank Holiday: Saturday 29th to Monday 31st August
9) Salcombe and Dartmouth: Saturday 5th to Saturday 12th September
10) Local Area: Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th September

There were no organised club cruises in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, click here for individual members’ private cruise reports.

2019 Sailing season planned cruises

1) Fowey: 20th to 21st April
2) Salcombe: 4th to 6th May
3) Fowey: 25th to 27th May
4) Western Cruise (Fowey, Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival, Scilly Islands & Brittany coast): 12th to 23rd June (Cancelled)
5) Eastern Cruise (Salcombe, Dartmouth, Brixham & Lyme Bay): 6th to 13th July
6) Fowey: 20th to 21st July
7) Fowey Regatta: 18th to 24th August
8) Fowey: 24th to 26th August
9) Salcombe & Dartmouth: 7th to 14th September
10) River Yealm: 28th to 29th September

2018 Sailing season planned cruises

Fowey: 21st to 22nd April
Fowey: 5th to 7th May
Salcombe: 26th to 28th May
Fowey: 2nd to 4th June
Tamar Anchorages: 9th to 10th June
Western Cruise inc Isles of Scilly: 25th June to 4th July
Salcombe: 14th to 15th July
Fowey Regatta: 9th to 25th August
Fowey: 24th to 27th August
Dartmouth and Tor Bay: 1st to 8th September
Local Weekend: 15th to 16th September

2017 Sailing season planned cruises

Fowey: 15th to 17th April
Fowey: 29 April to 1st May
Fowey: 13th May
Salcombe: 27th to 29 May Salcombe
Channel Island Cruise: 30th May to 11th June
Salcombe: 17th to 18th June
Tamar Creeks and anchorages: 1st to 2nd July
Fowey, Falmouth and Isles of Scilly: 5th to 15th July
Fowey Regatta: 13th to19th August
Salcombe, Dartmouth and Brixham: 2nd September to 9th September
Exploring local anchorages: 16th September

2016 Sailing season planned cruises

Local day cruise: 16th April
Salcombe: 30th April to  1st May
Salcombe, Dartmouth, Dittisham, Brixham, Dartmouth, Salcombe: 14th May to 22nd May
Fowey: 28th May to 30th May
Salcombe, Dartmouth, Dittisham, Brixham, Dartmouth, Salcombe: 11th June to 19th June
Fowey: 25th June to 26th June
Fowey, St Mawes, Helford River, Truro River, Mylor, Fowey: 2nd July to 10th July
Salcombe: 16th July to 17th July
Fowey or Salcombe: 27th August to 29th August
Fowey, St Mawes, Helford, Truro River, Mylor, Fowey: 3rd September to 11th September
Local day cruise: 11th September

2015 Sailing season planned cruises

River Yealm: 25th April
Salcombe: 2nd May to  3rd May
Salcombe, Dartmouth, Dittisham, Brixham: 9th May to 17th May
Fowey: 23rd May to  25th May
Calstock/Dandy Hole: 30th May to 31st May
Fowey, Helford River:  13th June to 21st June
Looe/Fowey or River Yealm: 27th June to 28th June
Fowey, Helford River, Falmouth, Truro River, St Mawes: 4th July to 12 July
River Avon/Salcombe: 17th July to 19th July