Agendas & Minutes, 2023








Margaret Eves               Vice Commodore
Alan Eves Rear              Commodore Sail
Hilary Poyntz                 Honorary Secretary
Mike Poyntz                   Honorary Treasurer
Paul Evans                       Membership Secretary
David Evans                   Committee Member
Graham Norris            Committee Member
Together with 15 other Voting Members.

Margaret welcomed all to the meeting and referred to the Secretary to confirm a quorum has been obtained
The Honorary Secretary confirmed that the attendance of a minimum of 10 voting members established the quorum necessary for business to be conducted.

Item 1: Apologies for Absence (Secretary)
Apologies for absence had been received from the following members:
John & Carol Sevieri
Mike & Lynne Sims
Ann Evans
Sandra Lerpiniere
Lynne Shell

Item 2: Approval of the Minutes of the Previous AGM held on Saturday 26 th March 2022
Minutes to be taken as read, as they had been circulated to members together with the calling notice for the 2023 AGM. Items arising have been dealt with as part of normal business.
Rick Thorne proposed that they be approved as a true record; this was seconded by David Evans.
There was unanimous agreement to the proposal.

Item 3: Vice Commodore’s Report
Margaret read her report as follows:
The 2022 sailing season saw the welcome return of a full sailing programme and social calendar free of all restrictions. I recall the Jubilee celebrations, plus several well attended pontoon gatherings, also the Prize Giving Dinner, Pre-Christmas Party at The China Fleet
Country Club and the Weekly Winter Walks and Sunday Lunches.

Overall, the weather conditions remained favourable for coastal cruising.
The Club Cruises went ahead and were well supported. Also, several members have made some very valiant long distance individual cruises.
Club membership remains steady. However, new members are very welcome and I ask all to mention our club when meeting new sailing friends, the continued success of the club will I believe continue with the active support of members.
I would like to thank Officers and Club Committee Members for their efforts and contribution to the success of CCC and wish all members a successful sailing season.

Item 4: Rear Commodore Sail’s Report.
Alan read his report, a copy of which was circulated with the AGM reminder.
Firstly, I would to say thank you to all members for your support over the past year.
The 2022 season witnessed a full return to Club events, with some adjustment for the changeable nature of our local weather of the 11 planned 8 went ahead.
With a total of 69 entries, an average of between 6/7 per Cruise, with the welcome return to a full social activity afloat and ashore.
With the help of members Bill Joce , Paul Farren and Paul Evans a programme of weekly Winter Walks circulated to members over the Winter. I would like to thank Bill, Paul and Paul for their support.
C.C.C. received invitations from Plym Yacht Club to attend a series of talks. Details circulated to the members; I would like to this opportunity to thanks P.Y.C. for their consideration.
C.C.C has been invited submit entries in FOGOFF2023
Over the New Year the Cruising programme for 2023 circulated to members, with the opening Cruise No.1 to Fowey over the Easter Weekend 6 & 8 April.
Margaret thanked the Rear Commodore Sail for his report.

Item 5: Membership Secretary’s Report
Paul read his report, a copy of which was circulated with the AGM reminder:
Membership as at 1st January 2023 Totals
Members 61
Life Members 8
Total Members 69

As at Sat 11th March 2023
Existing Members – Paid 32
Re-joined Members – Paid 2
New Members – Paid 0
Total Paid Members 34
Life Members 8

Total Membership – To date of this report 42

Members – not yet paid 23
Known Leavers -4

Potential New Members expressed interest
(none paid yet)

Membership Fee Income, to date of this report @ £20 £680.0
Burgee’s Sold None
Burgee Income @ £15.00 each £0.00

Officer’s Flags and Burgee’s in Stock.
Type Number
Commodore 4
Past Commodore 1
Vice Commodore 1
Rear Commodore 2
Rear Commodore Sail 1
Club Burgee 6
Margaret thanked the Membership Secretary for his report.

Item 6: Social Secretary’s Report.
Read by Vice Commodore in the absence of the Social Secretary
I organised the Prize giving and Laying up dinner this year at a new venue, Staddon Heights Golf Club.
The menu was good and price was ideal. There was a good attendance and even though I didn’t attend myself, the feed-back was positive on all aspects of the evening. I feel this could be the
venue again this year if all members agree.
We also had a Christmas Social which wasn’t as popular as only 8 people attended, but maybe this could become a social event in the calendar. Discussion is needed and maybe this could be on the
agenda for the next committee meeting.
I have stepped down as Social Secretary due to Pip’s death, but would be happy to support Social activities organised by the CCC in the coming year.
Wishing all members’ a great Sailing Season for 2023.

Item 7: Presentation of Accounts by the Honorary Treasurer
Mike stated that a copy of the Honorary Treasurer’s Report together with the signed off Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 28 th February 2023, and notes to the Income and Expenditure account had been circulated to all Members, by email, prior to the meeting.
He confirmed that the accounts had been examined by the Club Accounts Examiner, Colin Ayres, and found to be correct and he expressed his thanks to Colin for completing the examination of accounts.
Copy of balance sheet and budget forecast attached.
1 Accounts for Financial year 2022/23
Briefly the Club ended the year with a deficit of £69.59, slightly better than previous predictions despite some unplanned expenses such as replenishing our stock of tumblers for prizegiving. The switch of venue for the prizegiving evening to Staddon Heights Golf Club has avoided a £200 room charge we incurred in the previous year, and together with increased membership numbers much of the potential deficit was mitigated.
2 Proposed Budget for 2022/23
Circulated for comment. This has been formulated on the basis of a paying membership number of 60.
Members can see that due to the revision in membership fees this current year we shall be able to return to a positive year-end balance, rather than the negative return we have reported for the last few years.
3 Bank accounts
Mike provided details of the current bank balances.
4 Items arising
The Club insurance is our largest single expenditure item. Insurance costs for the year commencing 29/03/2023 have not yet been received from Gallagher who administer the RYA scheme, but allowance has been made for an inflationary increase to circa £600.00.
It was proposed by Jim Eccles and seconded by Ian Foster that the signed-off Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 28 th February 2023 should be accepted as a true record, and members
were unanimous in support of the proposal.
Margaret thanked the Hon. Treasurer for his report.

Item 9: Election of Club Officers.
The Secretary referred members to the sheet, which had recently been circulated with the AGM reminder; it concerned the Election of Club Officers and listed the nominations for the two principle
positions as follows:
Position                         Candidate            Proposer             Seconder
Commodore               Margaret Eves   Wendy Davis    David Evans
Vice Commodore    David Evans        Rosie Bailey       Graham Davis

Position                                    Candidate            Proposer                Seconder
Rear Commodore Sail     Alan Eves              Standing again  Colin Ayres
Honorary Secretary         Hilary Poyntz     Standing again  Colin Ayres
Honorary Treasurer         Mike Poyntz       Standing again   Kevin Healis

Decision: The Club Officers for the 2023 – 2024 season were elected as listed above.

Item 10: Election of Club Committee Members
Vice Commodore detailed the nominations for Committee Members as follows:
Committee                             Candidate      Proposer             Seconder
Membership Secretary   Paul Evans        Standing again Maureen Joce
Club Webmaster                Graham Davis Alan Eves            Colin Ayres
Social Secretary                  Rick Thorne     Alan Eves            Celia Coleman
Committee Members      Sandra Lerpiniere   Standing Again  Julie Eccles
                                                      Alison Healis   Margaret Eves   Val Ayres
                                                      Kevin Healis   Margaret Eves    Mike Poyntz

Decision: The Club Committee Members for the 2023-2024 season were elected as listed above.

Item 11: Appointment of the Club’s Accounts Examiner
Vice Commodore expressed the Club’s gratitude to Colin Ayres for completing the accounts examination and Colin confirmed he was willing to continue in this capacity.
John Rigby proposed that Colin Ayres should be appointed as the Club’s Accounts Examiner for the 2023 – 2024 financial year; this was seconded by Paul Evans and agreed unanimously.
Decision: Colin Ayres was appointed as the Club’s Accounts Examiner for the 2023-2024 financial year.

Item12: Any other business
1. Rosie Bailey suggested that the Club might contact the RNLI with regard to having one of their boats carry Pip’s name (Launch a Memory Scheme). Margaret to raise at next Committee meeting.
2. Margaret circulated a draft of the new Club poster for comment prior to posting on all the local marinas. John Rigby suggested the £15 for a burgee is not clear this is optional, or not an
annual charge. Agreed to be revised.
3. David Evans suggested that as Lynne Shell was stepping down from Club duties, she should be considered for life membership – proposed by David Evans and seconded by Colin Ayres.
To be referred to next Committee meeting.
4. Margaret raised that consideration could be given to a new award the “Pip Shell” trophy given for long and outstanding service to the Club. Pip had been the Membership Secretary for at least fifteen years and the last two years as Commodore. Margaret to bring the idea to the next Committee meeting.
There being no further business Margaret thanked all for attending and closed the meeting at 18:53.


HELD ON 19th January 2023 at 7.30 pm


  1. Participants:

Margaret Eves: Vice Commodore
Alan Eves: Rear Commodore Sail
Hilary Poyntz: Honorary Secretary

Mike Poyntz: Honorary Treasurer
Paul Evans: Membership Secretary
David Evans: Committee Member
Sandra Lerpiniere: Committee Member
Graham Davis: Webmaster (elect)
Andrew Pascoe: Webmaster

Apologies received: 
Lynne Shell andGraham Norris

The Vice-Commodore opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.


  1. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting(s) held 04.2022

It was proposed by Alan Eves and seconded by Sandra Lerpiniere that the minutes should be accepted as a true record. The Committee members were all in agreement.

  1. Matters arising from the Previous Minutes.

Action – Mike to establish the supplier of the engraved tumblers and obtain costs for re-order.

The Shack engravers in Exmouth supplied the previous orders and hold the artwork. A further order of twelve engraved glasses has been placed at £180.00 and these have now been delivered.


Action – Hilary to send letter of thanks for the prize draw donations to those businesses which contributed.

 A draft copy of the letter that was circulated, was shown to the committee.


Action – Mike to contact Hampshire Flag Co. to price large scale Club flags.

 A quote has been received for large flag (1m) at £67.62 or 0.5m size at £38.64. So far only two people have indicated willingness to purchase a 0.5m flag. It was agreed that Margaret would circulate a reminder and set a cut-off date for the end of January.

  1. Club Commodore and other Committee vacancies

Margaret indicated her willingness to assume the Commodore role and this was agreed by all the committee. David Evans indicated his willingness to stand as Vice Commodore.

Andrew Pascoe has informed the Committee he will be stepping down as Webmaster at the AGM and Graham Davis has indicated his willingness to take on this role and was in attendance to confer with Andrew.

Elections to these posts and any other outstanding posts will take place at the AGM.

It was recorded that Lynne Shell had notified of her intent to step down from the Committee at the AGM. All other roles remain the same.

Mike suggested we need to try and attract a few more members to the Committee.

  1. Date, Location and Format of AGM

The Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 18th March 2023, the venue being Plym   Yacht Club at 18:30 hrs.

Margaret agreed to organise the catering @ £7.50 per member, buffet style.

Cups, cutlery and plates will be provided by Plym Yacht Club. Only tea towels will be required.

Any profits will be donated to Plym Yacht Club.

  1. Rear Commodore Sail’s report
    The new Cruising Programme for 2023 has been published and circulated to members and mooring officers of our local harbours advised of our programme dates. Salcombe harbourmaster has responded to say we cannot book mooring for July and August unless non-returnable mooring fees are paid in advance.

A Winter Walks programme circulated to members.

Three walks to date followed by Sunday Lunch at Staddon Heights Golf Club with a further walk planned for 22rd January.

C.C.C. members received and accepted an invitation to P.Y.C. to attend a talk by the National Coast Watch Institution details circulated to members.

FOGOF 2023: Details update circulated to members.

Margaret thanked Alan for his report.


  1. Honorary Treasurer’s Report.

Treasurers Report as at 14th January 2023

Copies of the financial report had previously been circulated and the Treasurer provided a summary of the Club financial position together with a forecast for the next financial year.

  Margaret thanked Mike for his report.



  1. Membership Secretary’s



as at 1st January 2023

Members – as at 1st January 2023 61

Life Members 8

New Members – joined in this period 0

Total Membership – as at 1st January 2023 69

Membership Fee Income Nil

Total Members Yachts Listed 34

Burgee Sold in this period Nil

Burgee Income Nil

Stock – Flags and Burgees

Type Current Stock Issued in this period

Commodore 4

Past Commodore 1

Vice Commodore 1

Rear Commodore 2

Rear Commodore Sail 1


Club Burgee 6


  • The Membership fees from 1st March 2023 will be £20.00 per person.
  • The web site home page has already been changed to reflect the increase to £20.00.
  • There is a new Membership Form (pdf) form on the web site and is downloadable.
  • The renewal notice to the Members will be emailed out in mid February 2023 with follow ups planned every two weeks until the end of March 2023.
  • New membership cards will be issued at the AGM, left in PYH office pigeon holes or as a last resort posted.
  • A new “Winter 2023” list of email addresses has been circulated to the Club Office’s to reflect a few recent changes.

Margaret thanked Paul for his report.


  1. Social Secretary’s Report

In Lyne’s absence Margaret reported that the prize giving evening had been a success with good food, a well-supported photo competition, a raffle and generally a great team effort.

The Christmas party at The China Fleet had good food, accommodation and a popular disco.

The Christmas meal at the Boringdon Arms was well attended and the food was also good.


  1. Webmaster’s Report

Andrew stated that he had uploaded the latest membership form and the Cruise Calendar was to follow.                                            He also said that a note in memory of Pip had been placed on the web-site.

Mike suggested that the website would benefit from a review to have more events, people and colour. Andrew was concerned that the web site may not support too much alteration. Graham to review in the next year.

  1. Update of Future Events

AGM as previously noted to be Saturday 18th March at 18:30.

Date of next Committee meeting: – Thursday 13th April.

  1. Any Other Business

Mike suggested that on the first Thursday meets a theme might be explored.  There was little enthusiasm for this.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.20




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