Rule 1: Titles and Objects
Rule 2: Membership and Subscription
Rule 3: Committee
Rule 4: Finance
Rule 5: Annual Accounts and Statements
Rule 6: General Meetings
Rule 7: Cessation of the Club
Rule 8: Constitution
Rule 9: General Data Protection Regulations 2018

1 Titles and Objects
1.1 The name of the Club shall be CATTEWATER CRUISING CLUB hereinafter referred to in these Rules as ‘the Club’.
1.2 The headquarters of the Club shall be at The Boringdon Arms, Turnchapel, or at such other premises as the Officers and Committee Members, hereinafter referred to in these Rules as “the Committee”, may determine.
1.3 The objects of the Club shall be to promote and encourage cruising and to provide social activities for the members.
1.4 The Club shall be affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association.
1.5 The Club’s burgee is white superimposed with the Club’s motif of a cat’s face on water surmounted by the Club’s initials depicted in black and white.
2 Membership and subscription
2.1 Membership shall be open to adults who shall have one vote each and be Voting Members.
2.2 Application for Membership shall be made on the appropriate form which when completed shall be passed to the Membership Secretary along with the appropriate fee, which is to include a one-off joining fee per boat, where appropriate, equal to the then current cost of a Club Burgee, for which the new member will be presented with a Club Burgee in return.
2.3 Every member on joining the Club impliedly undertakes to comply with these Rules.
2.4 Voting Members shall pay an annual subscription of such sum as agreed at a General Meeting. All Voting Members shall pay their first annual subscription upon election to the Club and thereafter by no later than the 31st day of March each year. Changes in the rate of subscription shall be proposed by the Committee to the members at a General Meeting. Any such changes, if passed, shall become operative with effect from the start of the next Club financial year following the General Meeting.
2.5 Any member desirous of retiring from the Club shall notify his/her intention to the Membership Secretary on or before the last day of February in writing. The membership of any Voting Member whose subscription is not paid by the last day of May shall be deemed to have lapsed and the Committee shall have the power to delete the member’s name from the Club Register and that member shall cease to be a member of the Club.
2.6 Voting Members who have given particular service to the Club may be appointed as Honorary Life Members by the Committee. Honorary Life Members shall not pay an annual subscription, but in all other respects will have the same rights and privileges as Voting Members. (AL 1)

3 Committee
3.1 The Committee shall comprise the following Officers and Committee Members:
Officers: Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Rear Commodore Sail, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.
Committee Members: Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Club Webmaster and a minimum of two Elected Members.
3.2 The Officers and Committee Members in Rule 3.1 shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve a term of one year terminating at the close of the following Annual General Meeting; they shall be eligible for re-election.
3.3 Any Voting Member of the Club shall be eligible to stand for election to any post, except for the proviso in Rule 3.4, provided that they be proposed and seconded in the correct manner by two other Voting Members
3.4 Nominees for Commodore must have served as an Officer or Committee Member for a period of not less than two consecutive years.
3.5 The Committee shall meet together a minimum of three times per year and shall cause minutes of their proceedings to be recorded by the Honorary Secretary and when approved as a true record they shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary so that they may be available for
inspection by members upon request.
3.6 No meeting of the Committee may proceed with its business until a quorum of its members is present. A quorum shall consist of 5 members.
3.7 The Committee shall have the power to co-opt a Voting Member in the event of a resignation or loss of an Officer or Committee Member for any reason. That co-opted member shall serve until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club, when a properly organised
election shall take place.
3.8 The Commodore, Vice-Commodore and Rear Commodore Sail shall form a Trophies Sub-Committee and determine annually the recipients of the Club Trophies. These three Officers shall not themselves be eligible for the award of any Club Trophy.

4 Finance
4.1 The Committee shall manage the financial affairs of the Club according to the Rules and shall apply the funds of the Club to the objects of the Club and shall make such rules and regulations as they think fit as to the management of the Club or its headquarters.
4.2 The Club shall maintain an account at a reputable Bank or Building Society.
4.3 All funds received on account or behalf of the Club shall be banked in the name of the Club and in such a manner as the Committee shall decide.
4.4 All cheques drawn on the Club shall be signed by any two nominated members of the Committee.
4.5 The financial year of the Club shall be from the 1st day of March to the last day of February.
4.6 It shall be the responsibility of the Honorary Treasurer to keep a complete and accurate account of the Club’s finances, and to prepare an Annual Statement of Account of the Income and Expenditure of the Club as at the last day of February each year.

5 Annual accounts and statement
5.1 At the Annual General Meeting each year, a member or other person who is suitably competent shall be appointed whose duty it shall be to examine the Accounts of the Club for the current year, and shall sign that those accounts have been found to be correct or otherwise and shall report on the accounts to the next Annual General Meeting. Such person
shall be eligible for reappointment. In the event that the person so appointed is unwilling or unable to act, the Committee shall appoint a substitute to hold the office until the next Annual General Meeting.
5.2 The examined Statement of Account of Income and Expenditure of the Club as at the last day of February shall be in the hands of the Honorary Treasurer by mid-March.
5.3 A copy of the examined Accounts shall be distributed by the Honorary Treasurer to all members prior to the Annual General Meeting.

6 General meetings
6.1 There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Club to be held late March each year, the business of which shall be the consideration of the Committee’s report on the past year and the Accounts of the Club, the election of Club Officers and Committee Members, the fixing of subscriptions and other fees, and any other business of which proper notice shall have been given.
6.2 Notice of such a meeting shall be sent to all members by the Honorary Secretary stating its time and place. Such notice, together with a copy of the Agenda, shall be sent to the members not less than two weeks before the date of the meeting.
6.3 Along with the Notice, members shall be sent a list of those Officers and Committee Members willing to stand for re-election together with all nominations received for each position. In the event of more than one nomination for any position, the Honorary Secretary is to provide those members attending the Annual General Meeting with a voting slip on which to register their preferred candidate; the completed slips are then to be collected and the votes counted by the Honorary Secretary.
6.4 An Annual General Meeting shall not proceed with its business until a quorum of 15% of Voting Members is present.
6.5 Those entitled to vote at a General Meeting of the Club shall vote by a show of hands. Any motion to alter the Constitution must be carried by a two-thirds majority of those voting. All other motions will be carried by a simple majority of those voting.
6.6 Minutes of a General Meeting shall be recorded by the Honorary Secretary and when approved as a true record they shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary so that they may be available for inspection by members upon request.
6.7 The Committee may at any time, upon giving fourteen days notice, call a General Meeting of the Club for any special business, the nature of which shall be stated in the notice convening the meeting, and the discussion at such meeting shall be confined to the business on the notice sent to the members.
6.8 The members shall have the power to call a General Meeting of the Club upon making written application to the Honorary Secretary with the signatures of not less than 10 Voting Members, or of one-fifth of the total number of members, whichever shall be the less. Such application shall state the business to be discussed at the meeting and no other matters shall be raised.
6.9 In the event of a General Meeting being called in such circumstances of Rule 6.7 or Rule 6.8, the Honorary Secretary shall notify the members in the same manner as for an Annual General Meeting.

7 Cessation of The Club
7.1 A proposition to cease the activities of the Club shall only be put to a General Meeting of the Club convened in accordance with Rule 6.
7.2 The proposition shall only be carried by three-quarters of the members present voting in favour of such proposition.
7.3 Should the meeting decide in favour of the proposition then it will elect two auditors who shall, within one calendar month of the meeting, put the resolution to all members in the form of a referendum.
7.4 Subject to three-quarters of the votes being in favour of the resolution then the Commodore shall immediately circulate the result to all members and, within 21 days, convene a Special General Meeting at which the Officers shall be responsible for winding up the Club and disposing of any assets to members in benefit or charities. The motion for this meeting shall be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary fourteen days before the date of the

8 Constitution
8.1 The Club Constitution, and any subsequent approved amendments or revisions, shall be distributed to all members and to those authorities which require them.
8.2 The Constitution of the Club may only be changed by a General Meeting of the Club on a proposal placed on the agenda for that meeting and circulated to members.
8.3 Any matter arising from the Club Constitution shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary in writing and shall be placed before the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

9 General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (AL 2)
9.1 The Membership Secretary is to assume the position and duties of Data Protection Officer under the terms of the Regulations.
9.2 The Club requires to collect and hold data on all current voting and honorary members for the purposes of maintaining an accurate record of members and to ensure those members are kept fully informed on all the Club’s sailing, social and other activities. Data on individual members will only be divulged to other CCC members as detailed in Paragraph 9.4.1 below.
9.3 The data held is:
9.3.1 Personal Details; Title/Initial(s)/Forename(s)/Surname/Address/County/
Postcode/Email Address/Home Telephone Number/Mobile Number.
9.3.2 Boat Details: Boat Name/Boat Type/Power or Sail/LOA/MMSI Number/Mooring Location.
9.3.3 Financial Details: Type of Payment: On-line/Cash/Cheque, Paid: Yes/No. Personal bank details are not held.
9.3.4 Membership Details: Membership Type/Membership Number/Date Joined.
9.4 The data is recorded and held by the Membership Secretary on a local computer disc and is password protected. This information will be archived as part of the Club’s historical records once membership is terminated. The Membership Secretary is to maintain an up-todate list of current members in alphabetical order and is to provide all members with a copy annually, or as required or requested, which is to contain the following data only:
9.4.1 Membership Number/Membership Type/Forename(s)/Surname/Email
Address/Mobile Number/Boat Name/Boat Type/MMSI Number/Mooring Location.
9.5 The data provided under Paragraph 9.4.1 above will also be held on a local computer disc, password protected, by other members of the Committee and used to disseminate information to members in the fulfilment of their Committee responsibilities.
9.6 Signature on the Membership Application Form indicates consent to individual data being held and used as detailed above. This consent may be withdrawn at any time by informing the Membership Secretary in writing.