Club photo album


Easter treasure hunt on Turnchapel beach

John Skitt in EBA II en route to the Crooked Spaniard

Shirley Walker up the pole of Phaeax in Guernsey

CCC burgee presentation in the St Malo yacht club

Steve Goodchild in Alba Dart about to enter Charlestown harbour

Dave Hurrell, Tim Birch, Rick Thorne & Geoff Wheeler enjoying the Icicle Run to the Halfway House

Dave & James Hurrell, Geoff Wheeler, Rick Thorne, Ros Wheeler & Tim Birch in the Halfway House n the Icicle Run


Lontano getting out of the way of the ARC start, Horta, Portugal

Mike Clark & his wife outside the Café Sport, Horta

CCC burgee on display in Café Sport, Horta

Chiron, Merlin & Fair Lady II off Guernsey

Commodore Mike Walker at the exchange of burgees with the Guernsey Yacht Club

Catalina, Ricon & Fair Lady II in Guernsey

Merlin & Chiron, Guernsey


Bob Brennen, Bob (RAF) & Corinne & Dave Hurrell on Sark

Jupiter Point BBQ: April Blyth & Bob Brown

Jupiter Point BBQ

Taster day for youngsters (John Skitt in blue jacket)

Rowing race with Russ Smiley working hard at the helm

Laying up dinner at Elfordleigh Hotel: Jayet Rayne, Corinne Hurrell, Mrs Pain, Bob Brown & April Blyth

Icicle Run to the Swan Inn, Devonport: Dave Kinray & Peter Boundy on Dabchick

John Skitt & Paul in the Swan Inn, Devonport

The Swan Inn: Rick Thorne & Dave Hurrell (back centre), Dave Kinray (back right), Peter Boundy, Shirley Walker & Bob Brown (front)

The Swan Inn: Shirley Walker, George, Bob Brown & April Blyth (back), John Skitt, Brian, Dave Ellis & Mike Walker (floor)