Agendas & Minutes, 2015

21st March, 2015
Annual General Meeting Minutes of The Cattewater Cruising Club

Held at the Mount Batten Centre, Plymouth, 18:00 on Saturday, 21 March, 2015

Present: Bill Hill: Vice Commodore Nigel Vaughan: Smith: Rear Commodore Sail Colin Ayres: Honorary Secretary Roger Coleman: Honorary Treasurer Pip Shell: Membership Secretary Lynne Shell: Social Secretary Alan Casey: Club Webmaster Kevin Whitmill: Committee Member

Together with 15 other Voting Members

Item 1: Apologies for Absence Apologies for absence had been received from the following members: Celia Coleman: Club Commodore Julie Eccles, Martin Kimber, Lorraine Kimber, Graham Norris, Glenda O’Connor, Paddy O’Connor, Pippa Pitt, Nigel Pitt, Vida Reilly, Chris Reilly, Lian Vaughan-Smith

The Rear Commodore welcomed everyone and announced that due to the unfortunate absence through illness of Celia Coleman, the Club Commodore, he would be chairing the meeting and on behalf of everyone present he wished Celia a speedy recovery.

Item 2: Approval of the Minutes of the Previous AGM held on Saturday, 22 March 2014 These Minutes were taken as read, as they had been circulated to Members together with the calling notice for the 2015 AGM. Geoff Wheeler proposed that they be approved as a true record; this was seconded by Pip Shell. This proposal was carried unanimously.

Decision: The Minutes of the AGM held on 22 March 2014 were approved as a true record of that meeting.

Item 3: Matters Arising from the Previous AGM Minutes 3.1 The investigation of electronic banking and the associated costs. Following the action of the Committee at the 2014 AGM both the Honorary Treasurer     and the Membership Secretary had reported at the Committee Meeting held on 26.04.14 that the electronic banking system had been trialled and was working satisfactorily and that there were no issues with the bank over charges at that time. The system has been adopted and continues in use and it was confirmed by the Honorary Treasurer and the Membership Secretary that the system is being widely used by members.

Action closed.

3.2  The incorporation of Amendment 1 into The Club Constitution Revision 1 This item was closed following the Rear Commodore Sail’s circulation of the Club Constitution Revision 1 Amendment 1 to all Club Members in early April 2014.

Action closed.

Item 4: Commodore’s Report The Rear Commodore Sail read the Commodore’s Report: Firstly my apologies for being unable to attend this meeting. Unfortunately I managed to sustain an injury whilst on holiday in the Canaries. I should like to take this opportunity to thank the Officers and Committee Members for all their hard work during this past year. It’s been a pleasure to work with you all. It’s great to see the Club to continue to thrive and I thank all members for their participation in the Club’s activities during the past season. A very successful year all round:         Membership had continued to grow steadily, the cruising programme had been a great success, social events had all been most enjoyable. Which together with the other activities, such as the Photographic Competition and the Where Are We Competition and the Winter Walks, which unfortunately didn’t happen due to severe weather, sickness etc on the chosen days, had all helped make 2014 a very successful year for the Club. The Club is the Members and its success or otherwise is purely down to the level of active participation from each member. The latest situation at the Boringdon Arms looks hopeful. We should be able to hold the April Committee Meeting back in our old venue. I wish all members a successful and enjoyable forthcoming season.

Celia Coleman

After reading the Report the Rear Commodore Sail expressed the gratitude of all of the Members to Celia for the splendid manner in which she had fulfilled her duties again over the past year and looked forward to having her back amongst us very soon.

Item 5: Rear Commodore Sail’s Report The Rear Commodore Sail summarised the salient points of his report, a full copy of which is attached to these minutes. He too, thought it had been a very successful season overall with nineteen Club boats participating in one or more of the Club cruises and six Club boats having made extended individual cruises. He particularly thanked all those Members who had submitted Cruise Reports and hoped that there would be an equally enthusiastic response during the coming season. Similarly, he was most grateful to all those who had entered the Photographic Competition. Turning to the forthcoming season, he expanded on the twelve cruises planned in the Cruising Programme and stated that he hoped it offered something for everyone. He also pointed out that Members planning local cruises on their own should feel free to make their intentions known to other members to encourage group participation.

There was a general agreement by everyone present that a vote of thanks should be given to Nigel for all of the effort he had put into the last season which made it so enjoyable for Members taking part in the Cruises and the Competitions and for the effort he had made in preparing the Cruise Schedule for the coming year. .

Item 6: Membership Secretary’s Report The Membership Secretary read aloud his report, a copy of which is attached. He reported that the payment of subscriptions by internet banking has been working well and asked Members who pay by the internet to inform him by e-mail when they have made any payments because otherwise payments only become apparent to him when bank statements are received. Membership had risen over the last year to 64 and he could see no reason to increase the membership fee for 2016/2017 Members attending the AGM who had paid their fees for the coming season were asked to collect their membership cards from him after the meeting.

On behalf of the Club the Rear Commodore Sail thanked Pip for the sterling manner in which he had continued his service to the Club over the past year.

Item 7: Social Secretary’s Report A copy of the Social Secretary’s report is attached, the contents of which she read aloud making emphasis on the need to book venues and dates well in advance.

Prior to the Social Secretary making her report The Rear Commodore Sail congratulated and thanked her for arranging the recent Prize Giving Dinner at Kitley House, which everyone attending had thoroughly enjoyed. The meeting was asked if members wanted more Social events and a general discussion took place regarding events and dates. Because the party at Kitley House had been such a success Lynne was asked to look into the possibility of making the same booking for the same time next year.

Members also expressed how much they had enjoyed the Laying Up Supper at The Bridge last November. The Rear Commodore Sail suggested to the meeting that maybe there should be a more formal event following next years AGM and this was also discussed. Another suggestion, put forward by Ian Foster, was the possibility of having a monthly Club Member’s night at the Boringdon Arms – Geoff Wheeler pointed out that this had once been a regular event for the Club with the added attraction of guest speakers. The Rear Commodore Sail pointed out that the Boringdon Arms was still the Club’s nominated headquarters although there still appears an element of uncertainty over its future

Action: The Social Secretary to look into making a booking at Kitley House for next years Prize Giving Party.

Action: The Officers and Committee Members to investigate the possibility of setting up regular monthly socials.

Item 8: Webmaster’s Report The Rear Commodore Sail explained to the meeting that Chris Greenwood, who had originally set up the Club Website and successfully managed it until the end of 2014 had decided to step down because he no longer had a boat. Nigel proposed a vote of thanks be formally extended to Chris for all of his help to the Club and this was seconded by Geoff Wheeler and carried unanimously. A vote of thanks was also proposed by Nigel for the help given by Chris’s son Tim, who has helped by hosting the website in the past and will continue to do so. Jim Eccles seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously. Alan Casey was then introduced as the new Webmaster having taken on the duties in January this year. A copy of the Webmaster’ Report is attached which Alan read through for the meeting. A general discussion followed about what other information members would like to see on the website and the topic of a member’s page detailing their boats was discussed – the general feedback from members was that no confidential information regarding addresses and phone numbers should be made accessible to non club members. There was no support for a Members Only page

Item 9: Presentation of Accounts by the Honorary Treasurer The Honorary Treasurer stated that a copy of the Income and Expenditure Accounts for 2014/15 had been circulated to all Members by email prior to the meeting but unfortunately they contained a clerical error – the error had since been corrected and the Accounts had been signed off by the Examiner and a copy of the Signed Off Accounts is attached to the minutes. Roger asked that any members should inform him by e-mail of any payments made to the Club electronically; this applied also to payments made to the Social Secretary and the Membership Secretary. He pointed out that the Club held 15 Flag Officer burgees and 7 Members burgees and that the expenditure account showed a donation to the RNLI of £150.00 The Accounts showed a surplus for the year of £105.79 with net assets in the Current Account and Deposit Accounts totalling £2231.79. There were no questions about the accounts from Members present and it was proposed by Pip Shell and seconded by Bill Hill that the Signed Off Income and Expenditure Account For The Year Ending 28th February 2015 should be accepted as a true record and all members were unanimous in support of the proposal.

Decision: The Examined Accounts, a copy of which are attached to these minutes, were accepted as a true and accurate record of the Club’s finances for the Financial Year ending 28th February 2015

Item 10: Election of Club Officers The Rear Commodore Sail informed the meeting that no proposals had been received for any of the Officers’ posts and all Officers were willing to stand again as follows:-

Commodore: Celia Coleman Vice Commodore: Bill Hill Rear Commodore Sail: Nigel Vaughan-Smith Honorary Secretary: Colin Ayres Honorary Treasurer: Roger Coleman

For a second year there had been no nomination to fill the Rear Commodore Club Position.

It was proposed by Geoff Wheeler and seconded by Ian Foster that the above officers should be re- elected to serve for the coming year. The proposal was carried unanimously.

Decision: The Club Officers for the 2015/2016 Season were to remain at five and were to be: Commodore: Celia Coleman Vice Commodore: Bill Hill Rear Commodore Sail: Nigel Vaughan-Smith Honorary Secretary: Colin Ayres Honorary Treasurer: Roger Coleman

Item 11: Election of Club Committee Members The meeting was informed that there had been no nominations for Committee Members and that all of the present Committee Members were prepared to stand again:

Membership Secretary: Pip Shell Social Secretary: Lynne Shell Club Webmaster: Alan Casey Committee Member: Beverly Whitmill Committee Member: Kevin Whitmill

It was proposed by Alan Eaves and seconded by Angela Hill that the above Committee Members should be re-elected to serve for the coming year. The proposal was carried unanimously

Decision: The Club Committee Members for the 2015/2016 Season were to remain at five and were to be:

Membership Secretary: Pip Shell Social Secretary: Lynne Shell Club Webmaster: Alan Casey Committee Member: Beverly Whitmill Committee Member: Kevin Whitmill

Item 12: Appointment of the Club’s Accounts Examiner The Rear Commodore Sail thanked Yvonne Traynor for her efforts over the past few years and particularly for examining the 2014/2015 Club Accounts and she stated that she was willing to continue in that role for the coming year.

Margaret Eaves proposed that Yvonne Traynor should be appointed as the Club’s Accounts Examiner for the 2015/2016 financial year; this was seconded by Bill Hill and agreed unanimously by all present.

Decision: Yvonne Traynor was appointed as the Club’s Accounts Examiner for the 2015/2016 financial year.

Item 13: Membership Fees The Honorary Treasurer had produced a budget for the year 2016-2017 which he had presented to the Club Officers and Committee in February 2015 and in the light of that budget saw no reason to increase membership fees; the Membership Secretary had also recommended that fees should remain unaltered.

Because Club finances and membership numbers were both healthy the Officers & Committee Members recommended that the annual membership fee for the 2016/2017 season should remain at £10 per member.

Jim Eccles proposed that the Membership fee remains at £10.00, which was seconded by Yvonne Traynor and agreed unanimously by those Members present.

Decision: The membership fee for the 2016/2017 season to be £10 per member

Item 14: Port of Plymouth Sailing Association Membership The Rear Commodore Sail informed the meeting that he had been asked by the Commodore to investigate and report on the pros and cons of continuing the Club’s membership of the PPSA and went on to report that the Club became affiliated to the PPSA in1992, shortly after the Club’s formation and, as far as he could determine, had remained affiliated since that date. The position of Rear Commodore Club was introduced in about 2008 with the primary responsibility of representing the Club at the PPSA. The aim of the PPSA was to:

Coordinate, support, encourage and promote all sailing activity within the Port of Plymouth and the surrounding area. In addition to protect the interest of all who sail in the Port and represent all affiliated member clubs and organisations; the PPSA coordinates the annual sailing programme, organises the annual Port of Plymouth Regatta and promotes the Port as a venue for dingy and yacht championships.

The main argument for being affiliated to the PPSA was that all the other Plymouth based sailing clubs were affiliated and therefore the Club should be as well to ensure our interests were safeguarded. The main argument against being affiliated was that it currently cost £60 per annum, which represents over 20% of the Club’s annual membership subscription. Ian Duffie, as the previous Rear Commodore Club, had pushed hard for the PPSA to take a greater interest in cruising matters but failed to make any headway and resigned at last years

AGM as a result. For the last year the Club had not been represented at PPSA meetings and had had no contact with the PPSA, despite being affiliated. The Club had however monitored the PPSA meeting minutes which were published on its website.

Nigel finished by stating that his personal view was that: the PPSA did not offer value for money for the Club; that it did not protect the interest of those who did not race within the Port; that it did not represent the CCC as an affiliated member club and therefore the Club should cease its affiliation and keep itself informed on PPSA matters by accessing their minutes on their website

Budget forecasts produced by the Honorary Treasure had included the PPSA fees but also assumed that CCC membership numbers would be maintained.

Jim Eccles pointed out that the PPSA membership fees were quite a large amount when compared to the Club’s budget surplus (£105.79 for the past year) and that we should be sure that we were getting value for money from the PPSA.

Geoff Wheeler pointed out that all the other clubs who use the Sound for sailing and water sports were members of the PPSA and that the PPSA gave them and private boat owners a voice when dealing with the Port Authorities; all PPSA members were free to bring up any matters they wished at PPSA meetings.

The point was made that for the last year we have not been represented at the PPSA meetings and that the Club’s interest might be better served if a member could be found who was willing to attend.

After further general discussion Ian Foster proposed that the Club should continue its membership of the PPSA. A vote was taken, the result of which showed that the majority of members present were in favour of continuing membership of the PPSA.

Decision: The Club to continue its membership of the PPSA for the forthcoming year

(Secretary’s note: Following the meeting, both Bill Hill and Paul Farren offered to attend occasional PPSA meetings on behalf of the Club.)

Item 15: Any Other Business On behalf of the Members Geoff Wheeler extended a vote of thanks to the Officers and Committee Members and said how pleasing it was to see the Club thriving. He referred to the work which Nigel was doing on writing up the history of the Cattewater Cruising Club and to photos relating to the Club and going back many years which he had held on behalf of the Club and would make available to Nigel.

Shirley Walker then took pleasure in presenting the Walker Trophy (which she had presented to the Club in honour of her husband Mike) to Rick Thorne, who with his crew, had been the clear winners of the trophy for the 2014 season for his trip in Port Star to Arromanches, Normandy, France. Shirley told the Members about various items of information from the early days of the Club which she still fondly holds and would be happy to make available to Nigel and she wished the Club every success for the future.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 19:15 and members adjourned to the bar for drinks and a curry.

Colin Ayres

Honorary Secretar

15th January 2015

Officers & Committee Members Meeting minutes

Held at The Bridge, Yacht Haven, Plymouth


Celia Coleman: Commodore Bill Hill: Vice Commodore Nigel Vaughan- Smith: Rear Commodore Sail Colin Ayres: Honorary Secretary Roger Coleman: Honorary Treasurer Pip Shell: Membership Secretary Lynne Shell: Social Secretary Alan Casey: Webmaster Bev Whitmill: Committee Member Kev Whitmill: Committee Member

Item 1: Apologies for Absence: None

Item 2: Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting Held on 4th October 2014.

The Minutes of the Officers & Committee Members Meeting held on 4th October 2014 were passed as a true record. Proposed by Kevin Whitmill and seconded by Roger Coleman

Item 3: Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes.

3.1 Prize Giving Dinner (Para 3.1 of the previous minutes refers).

Lynne Shell reported that 31 members would be attending and handed the list of names together with cheques and details of payments received by bank transfer to the Hon Treasurer. A deposit of £250.00 had already been paid and it was agreed that the Hon Treasurer would write a cheque for the balance which Lynne would pay to Kitley House within the next few days.

A discussion followed about the draw, the proceeds of which, it was agreed would go to the RNLI. Members were encouraged to provide draw prizes but it was also agreed that a special raffle would take place towards the end of the evening. Prizes were discussed for the raffle and it was proposed by The Commodore and seconded by Nigel Vaughan- Smith that a first prize of £50.00 and a second prize of a £25.00 voucher, to be spent at Force Four Chandlery, should be provided from club funds –   the Committee were in agreement and Alan Casey volunteered to approach Force Four to see if they would donate towards the £25.00 voucher. Lynne volunteered to approach Brittany Ferries to ask if they were prepared to donate a prize.

Action: Lynne to approach Brittany Ferries and Alan to procure a Force Four voucher

Decision: The club will provide £75.00 towards the raffle prizes

3.2 Management of the future interface with the PPSA (Para3.5 of the previous minutes refers)

The Commodore reported that she had continued to monitor the PPSA web site and the only item of interest was their 2015 racing programme. As with their past minutes, this information was freely available to anyone accessing the PPSA website and not just to PPSA members. After much discussion of the pros and cons of retaining affiliation to the PPSA, it was felt that the PPSA did not provide value for money. It was therefore agreed to put the issue of continued membership to Members at the AGM.

Decision:   It was agreed that the Honorary Secretary was to include “Membership of the PPSA” as an agenda item for the next AGM and that the Honorary Treasurer was to withhold payment of the 2015 PPSA membership fees pending the decision of the AGM

3.3 Venue for the 2015 A G M and social (Para 5 of the previous minutes refers)

Lynne confirmed that she had provisionally booked the Mount Batten Centre for the meeting and the social afterwards but had not had a chance to check out the facilities so it was agreed that the Commodore would make a visit to ensure that the room sizes were adequate and if so would confirm the booking.

Action: The Commodore to confirm or otherwise the booking at the Mount Batten Centre.

Item 4: Dates and venue for future Officers and Committee Members meetings.

The Commodore together with the Hon. Treasurer had recently visited the Boringdon Arms and she was able to report that the venue would be available for future meetings so it was agreed that future Officers and Committee Members meetings would be held at that venue on a Thursday night.

Item 5: Agenda for the 2015 AGM and election of Officers and Committee Members

The agenda for the AGM was agreed and will be issued early in February.

The Commodore reported that all Officers and Committee Members had expressed their willingness to stand again and she thanked everyone for their efforts over the past year; she pointed out that when the Calling Notice for the A G M is sent out to all Club Members they will be invited to stand for any of the posts within the Club

Action: After formal approval by the Commodore the notification of the 2015 AGM is to be issued on 7th February 2015

Item 6: Reports from Officers and Committee members.

Rear Commodore Sail’s report Nigel reported that the 2015 Cruising Programme had been issued last November and that it was displayed on the Club website. He had also distributed two “Where Are We?” competitions and had two more ready for issue during the next two months; they too could be found on the Club website. Finally, he stated that he had ten entries, and was expecting a further entry, for the Annual Photographic Competition to be held on the night of the Prize Giving Dinner

Honorary Treasurer’s report A copy of the treasurer’s report dated 15th January 2015 is attached.

Membership Secretary’s report Pip reported that the club membership had risen to 62

Webmaster’ report The Commodore welcomed Alan Casey as the new Club Webmaster and prior to his report wished to record a vote of thanks from the Club to Chris Greenwood for all his help to the Cattewater Cruising Club which had included setting up and running the CCC website.

Alan reported that he now had full administration control of the Club website but that it was still hosted by Tim Greenwood with whom he might need to consult in the future and after a general discussion he confirmed that he would do what was necessary to enable more photographs of club members’ boats to be added to the site.

Item 7: Update Diary of Future Events Saturday 31st January   Prize Giving Dinner at Kitley House Saturday 21st March     A G M at the Mount Batten Centre Thursday 23rd April       Officers and Committee Members meeting at The Boringdon Arms.

Item 8: Any other business

Roger reported that the Winter Walks would start again in February and that he would be looking into the possibility of arranging a visit to the Devonport Naval Heritage Centre.

Trophies Rear Commodore Sail explained that he had seriously underestimated the cost of having the trophies engraved, due to the Cattewater Cup requiring a brass plaque with the names of all previous winners. The engraving had cost £55.30, rather than up to £35.00 as approved under item 6 of the previous minutes.

Decision: It was agreed to reimburse Nigel the full cost of £55.30 for engraving the Club Trophies from Club funds

Nigel then proceeded to present Celia, as Commodore, with a new trophy, the Happy Snapper Trophy, for award to the winner of the Annual CCC Photographic Competition. Celia, on behalf of all Club Members, thanked Nigel for donating the new trophy to the club.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 21.00

Colin Ayres Honorary Secretary Cattewater Cruising Club