Agendas & Minutes, 2013

21st September, 2013

Committee Meeting minutes

Held at The Boringdon Arms, Plymouth on Saturday 21st September, 2013
Present: Celia Coleman: Commodore Roger Coleman: Vice Commodore Nigel Vaughan-Smith: Rear Commodore Sail Pip Shell: Membership Secretary Lynne Shell: Social Secretary Chris Greenwood: Webmaster Item 1. Apologies for Absence Corinne Hurrell: Honorary Secretary Ros Wheeler: Honorary Treasurer Geoff Wheeler: Committee Member Item 2. Approval of the Minutes of the Committee Meeting Held on 20 April 2013 The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 20 April 2013 were passed as a true record. Proposed by Nigel Vaughan-Smith and seconded by Pip Shell. Item 3.  Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Committee Meeting Held on 20 April 2013 3.1 Examined Accounts (Para 4.1 of the previous minutes refers).  As it was already well into the current financial year, it was considered too late to introduce a new cash book and accounting system.  It was decided that the new system, proposed by the appointed Accounts Examiner, was to be introduced with effect from the start of the next financial year, 1 March 2014, following the examination of the current financial year records. Action:  The Honorary Treasurer to introduce the new cash book and accounting system with effect from 1 March 2014. 3.2  Laying-Up Dinner 2014 (Para 5.3 of the previous minutes refers).  Lynne Shell reported that the Langdon Court Hotel would not accept a booking at this time, as they wished to keep the date free for the more lucrative wedding market.  It was agreed that the Social Secretary would check again early in the New Year and report back at the  next Committee meeting. Action:  The Social Secretary to check again with Langdon Court Hotel early in the New Year whether or not they would accept a booking from the CCC for either Saturday, 8 November or 22 November 2014. Item 4. Results of the Questionnaire Circulated to Members by the Commodore.  The questionnaire had generated 4 proposals: 4.1 Ten-Pin Bowling.  After much discussion, it was felt that this proposal was not viable due to the high cost and booking problems that would be encountered if taken forward for the preferred function night of a Saturday. Decision:  No further action. 4.2 Winter Walks.  The Plym Yacht Club were planning a series of short (>5 miles) winter walks, including a lunch break, but had yet to finalise their programme, and would be pleased to have CCC members participate.  In addition, Alan Eves (Sundance) had offered to plan some longer walks.  It was agreed that the Vice Commodore would liaise with both parties and publish a programme, when available. Action:  The Vice Commodore to liaise with Plym Yacht Club and Alan Eves, and circulate a programme of winter walks to CCC members, when available. 4.3 Regular Suppers.  The idea was strongly supported in principle, but detailed analysis suggested there was no scope for expanding the current programme.  It was felt that once a month was an optimum timing to get together, but as we already had the Laying-Up Dinner in November, the RNLI Dinner in December and the social evenings in January and March, that only left October and February.  As both months included school half term and other significant events (Halloween & Valentines), it was decided that no additional functions could be added to the current calendar. Decision:  To continue to maximise the number of regular supper/social gatherings in the CCC calendar. 4.4 White Sail Races.  This suggestion received a mixed reaction.  However, lengthy discussion resulted in agreement that, first and foremost, the CCC is a cruising club.  In addition, there were potential insurance issues on top of finding the expertise to conduct such races.  Finally, it was noted that the PPSA was keen to promote white sail races, such as during the Plymouth Regatta, and it was considered that this would be sufficient to meet the needs of the more competitive CCC members. Decision:  No further action, but CCC members keen to race should check the PPSA web site for future white sail races. Item 5. Relationship with the Mount Batten Cruising Club The Chairman of the Mount Batten Cruising Club (MBCC), based in Plymouth Yacht Haven,  had written to the Commodore proposing that members of each Club should have the reciprocal rights to participate in the other Club’s social and cruising events.  As MBCC members were already free to participate in CCC cruises, both through the PPSA and the RYA Active Marina programme, this aspect of the proposal was accepted.  Similarly, it was agreed that, as long as CCC members had priority should there be a restriction on numbers, then no difficulty was foreseen in MBCC members attending CCC social functions, should they so desire. Action:  The Commodore to respond to the Chairman of the MBCC that we would welcome MBCC members to attend our cruises and social functions, and vice versa, on the understanding that CCC members would be given priority should it be necessary to restrict numbers at any event. Item 6. Reports from Committee Members 6.1 Lynne Shell reported that she had circulated full details, including menus and costs, for both the CCC Laying-Up Dinner on 16 November and the RNLI Dinner on 6 December.  However, it appeared that not all had received the emails concerned.  She agreed to recirculate both.  She had confirmed with Staddon Heights that they would provide white boards to display the photographs for the Photo Competition, but had yet to resolve whether or not we could supply our own background/dance music.  She also queried whether guests would be welcome at the occasion and it was agreed in the affirmative.  Finally, the draw in aid of the RNLI was discussed and it was a agreed that attendees could enter the draw by donating £5 and placing their named place card in the draw basket.  However, it was felt that a range of decent prizes would be required to generate the required enthusiasm. Action:  The Social Secretary to re-circulate the details, menu and costs of the Laying-Up Dinner and Prizegiving to be held at Staddon Heights Golf Club on Saturday, 16 November 2013, together with a plea for donations to the RNLI raffle and the invitation to bring guests. Action:  The Social Secretary to re-circulate details, menu and costs of the RNLI Dinner to be co-hosted with the MBCC at the Bridge, PYH, on Friday, 6 December 2013. 6.2 Pip Shell reported that we have had 3 new members join/rejoin since the AGM and that the Club membership now stands at 53 members, including life members. 6.3 Nigel Vaughan-Smith reported that, of the 12 cruises planned to date, only 3 had been completed as planned with another 3 being completed to a modified schedule.  The weather had resulted in 4 being cancelled in toto, one had to be cancelled due to the Rear Commodore Sail not checking the dates of the Royal Fowey Regatta before issuing the cruising programme, and the last had no takers.  However, 14 Club boats had participated in one or more of the Club cruises, which was a significant increase on the number participating last year. Item 7. Update on Calendar for 2013/2014.  The following dates were agreed and confirmed Saturday, 16 November 2013: Laying-Up Dinner & Prizegiving Friday, 6 December 2013: RNLI Dinner at the Bridge Saturday, 18 January 2014: CCC Committee Meeting followed by a Social Event Saturday, 22 March 2014: AGM followed by a Social Event Saturday, 26 April 2014: CCC Committee Meeting Item 8. Gift/Donation for RNLI Dinner at the Bridge on 6 December 2013 After discussion, the consensus was that co-hosting this event with the MBCC should not incur a cost from Club funds.  Furthermore, as our own Laying-Up Dinner raffle was in support of the RNLI and that the ticket cost for the RNLI Dinner included an element for donating to the RNLI, a further gift/donation was not appropriate. Decision.  A gift/donation to this event was not required or appropriate. Item 9. Any Other Business 9.1 Club Clothing.  Nigel Vaughan-Smith confirmed that he had now identified a supplier for Club clothing and had emailed all members with details.  However, there had been a one-off charge of £30 (inc VAT) for setting up  the Club Badge, which he had paid.  He requested that this be refunded from Club funds.  This was unanimously approved. Decision.  The Rear Commodore Sail to be refunded the one off charge of £30 from Club funds. 9.2 Club Burgees.  Nigel Vaughan-Smith stated that he now had 10 new Club Burgees.  These he had purchased from a different supplier, Hampshire Flag, than that previously agreed and at a slightly cheaper price.  The total cost was £87.35 (inc VAT and p&p).  He requested he be refunded this amount from Club funds, which was unanimously approved.  He further recommended that the new burgees be sold to Members at a cost of £10 each.  Again, this was unanimously approved.  Of the 10 new burgees, 4 were to be held by the Membership Secretary and 3 each by the Commodore and Rear Commodore Sail. Decision.  The Rear Commodore Sail to be refunded the cost of the burgess, £87.35, from Club funds. Decision:  The new burgees to be sold onto Club members at £10 each. 9.3 2014 Cruising Schedule.  Nigel Vaughan-Smith stated that he would be working on next years cruising schedule over the next couple of months and requested if Committee Members had any suggestions for changes or amendments that should be incorporated.  The consensus was that the 2013 schedule catered for all needs, but that he only needed to sort out the weather! Action:  The Rear Commodore Sail to produce a 2014 Cruising Schedule along similar lines to that for 2013. 9.4 Web Management.  Chris Greenwood stated that he and Yvonne had reluctantly decided to put Macushla Too on the market and to withdraw from regular cruising.  However, he was willing to remain as Webmaster for as long as he was required.  Following discussion on the requirements of the job, it was decided that Chris would ask his son, Tim, who currently hosts the Club website on his servers, for a business proposition to run the website on the Club’s behalf. Action:  The Webmaster to obtain a costed business proposal for the hosting, running, maintenance and regular updating of the Club website. The Meeting closed at 2030 hours. Nigel Vaughan-Smith for Honorary Secretary ——————–
23rd March, 2013

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of The Cattewater Cruising Club

Held at Conference room, Fairway Furniture Store, Billacombe
Item 1:  Apologies for Absence Apologies for absence had been received from the following members:   Valerie & Colin Ayres Julie Eccles Peter Fellows Yvonne & Chris Greenwood Martin Gooderson & Margaret Glenda O’Conner Gill & Dave Pollard Pip Shell Carol & Rick Thorne It was also a great pleasure to welcome 5 new Members to their first CCC AGM: Eugenia & Mike Broome Jim Eccles Beverly & Kevin Whitmill Item 2:  Approval of the Minutes of the AGM Held on Saturday, 24 March 2012 These Minutes were taken as read, as they had been circulated to Members together with the Calling Notice for the 2013 AGM. Proposed as a true record by Nigel Vaughan-Smith and Seconded by Alan Casey.  Carried unanimously. Item 3:  Matters Arising – CCC Banking There was only one matter arising from the 2012 AGM, which was CCC Banking.  After much discussion of the pros and cons of continuing to pay CCC membership fees and other bills by cheque or introducing BACS/Internet Banking, it was proposed to continue in the existing way for the time being. This was approved, with 2 abstentions. Item 4:  Commodore’s Report The Commodore welcomed all those attending and expressed hopes for a good sailing season ahead.  He further stated that, after an extended period at the helm of the Club, he felt it was time to step down as Commodore.  A copy of the full Commodore’s Report is attached. Item 5:  Rear Commodore Sail’s Report The RCS summarised the salient points of his report, which had been emailed previously to Members.  He urged Members to join in the fun during the forthcoming season by submitting Cruise Reports and other details of their cruising achievements to him throughout the season for onward circulation to Members and for consideration by the Trophies Sub-Committee.  He also stated that he would welcome suggestions to organise workshops on any cruising topics on which Members wished to brush-up their skills or knowledge.  A copy of the full RCS’s Report is attached. Item 6:  Rear Commodore Club’s Report The RCC highlighted the more significant points from his report, which had been emailed previously to Members.  These included a couple of racing items: the changes been introduced to the racing handicap system; and the drive by the racing fraternity to include cruisers in their events and to organise some “white sail” racing events.  He also urged Members to keep themselves informed, and involved, in the local marine environmental initiatives, which could effect Members on swinging moorings or when anchoring. In addition, the QHM Water Events Diary and the PPSA Sailing Programme for 2013 can be found on their respective websites. Item 7:  Membership Secretary’s Report In his absence, the Membership Secretary had provided a brief written report, which was read out to Members.  The Club had finished the year with 45 voting and life members, which was about the same as the previous year.  As at the time of the meeting, the Club had 34 paid up voting members with a possible 12 more members on the books.  To avoid postage, membership cards were being delivered by hand wherever possible. Item 8:  Social Secretary’s Report The Social Secretary reported that she had investigated Langdon Court for the 2013 LayingUp Dinner and Prize giving, but that this venue was not available for this year.  However, Staddon Heights Golf Club was available on the preferred date.  After discussion, it was agreed that the Social Secretary was to make a reservation with the Staddon Heights Golf Club to hold the 2013 Laying-Up Dinner and Prize giving there on Saturday, 16 November 2013.  It was further decided that the Social Secretary should investigate the possibility of holding the 2014 event at the Langdon Court, and to report back to the next Committee Meeting. Item 9:  Presentation of Accounts by the Honorary Treasurer Unforeseen circumstances had resulted in the Club’s Accounts for the last financial year 2012/13 not being formally examined prior to the meeting or in time to be circulated to Members.  The Honorary Treasurer passed out copies of the unexamined accounts at the meeting and stated that the Club was still financially sound with a surplus for the last financial year of £240.49; against which, however, the Club’s liabilities of £110.00 for the 2013 RYA fees were still outstanding. There was, therefore, an urgent need for the Club’s Accounts for the last financial year to be examined properly, and to appoint the Club’s Accounts Examiner for the current financial year.  Yvonne Traynor was proposed by Roger Coleman and seconded by Nigel Vaughan-Smith to undertake both these tasks.  This was unanimously agreed by all present.  A copy of the examined Club ‘s Accounts for 2012/13 are attached. Item 10:  Election of Officers The following volunteers had been proposed to fill the Club’s Officer posts for the 2013/14 Season: Commodore: Celia Coleman Vice Commodore: Roger Coleman Rear Commodore Sail: Nigel Vaughan-Smith Rear Commodore Club: Ian Duffy Honorary Secretary: Corinne Hurrell Honorary Treasurer: Ros Wheeler The Members present voted unanimously in favour and the nominees were duly elected. Item 11:  Election of Committee The following volunteers had been proposed to fill the Club’s Committee positions for the 2013/14 Season: Membership Secretary: Pip Shell Social Secretary: Lynne Shell Club Webmaster: Chris Greenwood Committee Member: Geoff Wheeler The Members present voted unanimously in favour and the nominees were duly elected. Item 12:  Approval of Revision 1 of the Club Constitution A copy of the draft Revision 1 of the Club Constitution had been circulated to Members together with the Calling Notice for the AGM .  As there were no matters that Members present wished to discuss, Revision 1 was put to the vote and unanimously accepted by all present.  A copy of the Club Constitution – Revision 1 is attached. Item 13:  Election of Life Member The Commodore proposed that Ann Young should become a Life Member of the Club.  She had been an active member, and supporter, of the Club almost since its inception and had been the Honorary Treasurer for many years, prior to her retirement from that position at the last AGM.  The proposal was seconded by Roger Coleman and agreed unanimously by all present. Item 14:  Any Other Business 14.1:  Club Website The Club Webmaster had requested feedback on Members expectations of the Club Website and requested members submitted more information for publication, such as: pictures of Members’ boats and reports on Club Social Events. This was agreed by all members present. 14.2:  Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club The Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club would not be holding the Eddystone Challenge this year and, therefore, would not be requesting the Club’s assistance with the event.  In future, it would be a bi-annual, rather than annual, event. In closing the meeting, the Commodore thanked Fairway Furniture and Paddy O’Connor, in particular, for providing the facilities for the meeting and expressed his hope that they would be made available on future occasions, if required.  He then went on to inform Members that the new proprietors of the Boringdon Arms, Delain & Alf, had donated a new brass plaque, mounted in in the entrance to the Boringdon Arms, officially recording that it was the Club’s home.  This plaque was to be unveiled during the Club Social to be held at the Boringdon immediately after the meeting.  He emphasised his hopes that this would cement a continuing close relationship between the Boringdon Arms and the Club. There being no other business, the meeting closed at 2005 hrs. Celia Coleman Honorary Secretary