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Anchoring Guide for Plymouth

One of our members, Paul Farren, has spent a considerable amount of time and effort in constructing and writing a comprehensive Anchoring Guide for our local area.  The Guide is different from the standard “pilot book” approach, as it has been constructed by wind direction rather than sequentially as you go round.  The idea is that you see what the forecast wind direction is and then you look-up the potential lee-shore anchoring sites.

Paul wrote the Guide as a ‘Members Benefit’ as part of his RWYC membership package, but has agreed that it be made available to CCC members.  The Guide is on the RWYC website under the cruising section.  The link is:

The “quid pro quo” is that Paul would very much appreciate help in expanding and improving the Guide.  In particular, he would be grateful for some feedback and better photos on the existing sites, and for the addition of new sites within the Plymouth area; there are templates to help with this on the RWYC website.

He has also asked that CCC members have a wider look at the RWYC website when they check out the Guide to see what else the RWYC offers such as their social programmes, events calendar and Winter Talks on Wednesday Evenings.