Club History

The Cattewater Cruising Club was formed in 1989 as a result of a group of keen sailors, who kept their boats in the Cattewater nearby Turnchapel, socialising on a regular basis in the Boringdon Arms and realising that the other established Plymouth based yacht clubs really did not cater for their particular needs, which were for informal, social, local cruises in company.  They decided, therefore, to form their own club and to do their own thing.  In order to gauge the level of potential interest, a proforma was posted on a noticeboard in the Boringdon Arms, which attracted more than 60 signatories.

The Boringdon Arms had been owned by Ann & Jim White in the period leading up to the formalisation of the Club and they had encouraged the founder members in their activities.  Indeed, they had met on a regular basis in the corridor and were known by the other regulars as the “Corridor Yacht Club”!  The Whites sold the “Bori” on 21 April 1989 to Janet & John Rayne.  Janet’s sister and brother-in-law, Phyllis & Roy Dowse, became the landlords, but this arrangement only lasted some eighteen months before Phyllis & Roy moved on and Janet took over as landlady with Rob Looker, who had been helping Roy manage the bar and cellar, becoming the bar and cellar manager, an arrangement that continued until December 2002.  The Raynes, the Dowses and Rob Looker were all strong supporters of the fledgling club (their names can be seen on the list above) and offered the facilities of the pub.  As a result, the first committee meetings were held at the Boringdon Arms, which was formally adopted as the Club Headquarters.  Despite the “Bori” changing hands a number of times since then, and the Club trying other locations as an alternative Club HQ, the Club has always ended up back at the “Bori”.